Margherita is absolutely amazing! When picking out my wedding dress, Margherita did not rush me, and gave me her professional opinion on each selection, which helped make the process easier to find my perfect dress! She did such a beautiful job on the alterations for my wedding dress, and offered a reasonable price. I also had my maid of honor get her dress hemmed as well, and Margherita and her team did a great job in a short amount of time. If you want a unique and personalized experience, I highly recommend La Sposa Bridal!
La Sposa Bridal is a great little shop I showed up with my bridesmaids dress I got elsewhere and they were able to hem and let out the dress for me since I was post partum with 2 weeks till the wedding. The dress fit perfect! Thank you la Sposa!
The owner is an absolute gem! We found a dress online that we wanted to try on and she ordered us a sample to try. We loved it so we ordered them all thru La Sposa. The owner diligently followed up with the dress manufacturer on timing. Then, she did a fantastic job on alterations. Love La Sposa!
It is a cute little boutique that at first you feel has nothing relevant and new and then you are greeted by the nicest woman who love what they do and have being doing their jobs with pride for more than 20 years. I was asked just a couple questions including budget and was brought two dresses. Long story short the first dress I tried on and I fell in love I was pinned for my alterations right that moment as well. I could not be more thankful and happy with my decision and experience. Thank you Margherita for being wonderful and so personable. I can't wait to wear the dress of my dreams when I marry the man of my dreams!!
Where do I begin?? Margherita truly has a gift for the details. She has made my bridal experience (so far- the wedding is in 2016) amazing! The quality of bridal gowns at the store is unmatched and prices are the same if not better than the larger bridal stores. She will be doing all of my alterations and additions to my dress herself! I can't wait to walk down the isle! Thank you Margherita!!
Efficient professionals. I showed up on short notice looking for a bridesmaid dress, and I am *so* impressed with La Sposa. I tried a few on and was told to pick what I liked and they would alter it to fit me within a week, a promise that was reliably kept! The strapless dress fits like a glove, and was well worth the very reasonable cost for alterations. Highly recommended!
I felt like I was the only bride-to-be in the boutique. The saleswomen were treating me like their own daughter!!!! They made me feel so comfortable and we're extremely helpful and patient on such a busy Saturday afternoon. I wasn't able to have anyone come with me. I needed opinions. Even the other brides' moms were very thoughtful. I had visited other bridal shops & department stores to find "The dress". When I asked if dresses could be altered in different ways such as the poof reduced or sleeves added, I was told "NO" in most uncertain terms. Just plain rudeness!!!!!! I'm not one to take up people's time. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising & have worked in large department store to small specialty shops. I felt like I was taking up the salespeoples time. I felt like they had no time for my questions. La Sposa was a very different experience. I don't know why I didn't come here first as I brought my BFF here 24+ years ago where she found her gorgeous gown. I also live in Newton & often drive by. I would tell any bride to please go to La Sposa first. You will be treated like you are very important. I understand this review sounds a bit too mushy. It was my experience along with my BFFs experience all those yrs ago. I'm positive that you will have that same experience!!
My cousin is getting married in a little over a week and of course I the procrastinator that I am waited until last minute to get my alterations done. I called yesterday and Margarita was able fit me into her schedule this morning and will have my dress finished next Wednesday. Clearly going above and beyond to satisfy her customer! I am very pleased with the customer service I received and will continue to use La Sposa Bridal for any occasion necessary! Thank You for the great service, I really appreciate it!!
La Sposa is an incredible shop for alterations! I moved to Boston from Illinois before my wedding and I had to find a shop to do external alterations on my own wedding dress as well as my bridesmaid dress for another wedding. I was so nervous to have someone new working with my dress, but Margherita was amazing! She was patient and kind with me, especially when I was worried about it not fitting. She made all the right alterations for such a fair price, and was very professional and friendly. It's always impressive to see someone who loves what they do and does it very well. You can tell her work is very much a part of who she is, and it shows in the outcome. I'd highly recommend working with her!
Margherita is awesome. I was recommended by my friend who also had alterations done by Margherita. She had a week to fix a last minute dress for my friend and it came out beautiful. My dress was very difficult to alter because the boutique ordered it several sizes too large despite taking my measurements beforehand and had several layers of tulle, lace, etc. Margherita did such an awesome job and it was exactly how i envisioned it to be as the end product. She's very meticulous and she definitely cares about each and every alteration she makes. She often tells stories about customers who have come in the past and how other alteration places would mess up a dress and she would be the one to fix it. Although this seems boastful the way she told it definitely was not. She wanted to portray the fact that she cared and that she took time to fix every dress. She made me come back a few times because she didn't want to cut a part of the dress after altering the other parts as once you cut you will never get that part of the dress back. I loved the fact that she was very open about my alterations, even the part where she struggled on figuring out how to alter certain parts. She's also open to any suggestions on how I wanted it to fit. I can tell she's a very hard worker. Some might be a little put off since Margherita's personality is a little blunt and terse but she's a very sweet lady. I highly recommend Margherita to any one who wants alterations. Even after I paid her and left with my dress, Margherita was willing to add a bustle to my dress for free. I initially told her not to put it on because I would be switching dresses but changed my mind one week before the wedding. She added the bustle the weekend before my wedding and I left with my dress the same day.
Loved working with Margarita and her entire team at LaSposa Bridal. This was the first place I went dress shopping for my wedding and fell in love with the third dress I tried on. I loved the bottom of the gown, but the top was not at all what I wanted. Margarita saw the potential in the dress and basically rebuilt the entire top of the dress from scratch for me. She dropped the waist line, added extra lace and the sleeves that I wanted. The end product is a completely custom dress at an amazingly reasonable price. Working with Margarita was wonderful. I was so surprised to see the negative reviews on here. After getting my dress here, all my bridesmaid dresses were purchased here, and my Mother in Law bought her dress here as well. We all couldn't be happier with the price, tailoring and end result. We all love LaSposa, and will be back here as often as we can in the future.
I cannot say enough positive things about La Sposa and Margherita. The store carries a wide selection of dresses in a range of budgets. Margherita was always quick to answer phone calls, provide advice and perform alterations. As any bride knows (and brides-to-be quickly find out!), alterations are almost more important than the actual gown and I could not have been happier with the way my gown fit. Margherita had to do a fair amount to the dress (including adding a side panel, hemming 8 inches off, taking up straps) and not only did the dress fit perfectly, but you would never know that it had been altered! She also did a beautiful job refurbishing my mother's veil so that it coordinated with my dress. It may be a smaller shop, but trust me, if you're looking for quality work, visit La Sposa. It made a huge difference that I wasn't tripping over my dress or pulling it up all night, I felt beautiful and my wedding wouldn't have been so perfect without Margherita.
I found Margarita at La Sposa and she is night and day compared to other local shops and dress makers! I feel beyond lucky as a bride to have met such a kindhearted and hard working woman. I came to her with only 10 days left before my wedding, to fix work from someone else vs. alter a new dress - and she was more than willing to make me feel like the most important bride (I witnessed this same care towards her other brides too!). She took on a BIG task within days of talking and made all my fears and stress disappear. My dress is everything I had dreamed of, she actually listens to you and cares about making it everything you envisioned. Her work is flawless and was done so quickly. I was more than shocked with her pricing too and I hope it is fair to her! Another near-by bridal seamstress tell you it will be a certain cost and then surprise you later with a much different quote. Although, going into this process I wasn't worried too much with the alteration costs - IF they were warranted to make my dress perfect but I could not justify the inflation in the nearby shop, I also didn't realize just how crazy they were until I met Margarita. Margarita has made this whole process easy and I wish I could have only met her several months ago! She will always have a special place in my heart. My family has seen a difference in me when it comes to talking about my dress and our big day! Thank you Margarita & La Sposa, #1 all around in my book!
La Sposa is a hidden gem! I knew from the moment I called the salon that I would be in good hands with Margherita and Maria. We were given all of their attention during our appointment. They listened to my thoughts during the whole process and guided me right to the dress of my dreams! The quality of the dresses is excellent and very affordable. They pay very careful attention to detail. I had visited a "big box" store before this and was met with hurried consultants, inexperienced consultants, and emails with guidelines dictating how many family members could come with me. I had family visiting from out of town for my dress shopping experience. After receiving these daunting emails from other salons, I asked Margherita if 4 people was too many to bring. She kindly responded, "Bring everyone, it is a family affair!" We were warmly welcomed and it made the experience exactly what I had hoped for! Within a half hour I had found my dream dress, a beautiful belt, and a matching veil. They managed to fit the dress and accessories all into our price point. And if this experience isn't telling enough, I am beyond excited to have Margherita doing my alterations. She is incredibly experienced which is shown through the many customer thank yous posted around the salon. When she spoke about the alterations, I knew my dress would fit perfectly. She knows what she's doing! Skip the Vows and David's Bridals of the world and treat yourself to an authentic experience at La Sposa!
Very professional. Always a pleasure at la Sposa